Find and Date a Quality Man by Bringing out the Best in Him


Men react to women.

It makes sense. He has to ask you out first. He has to make the

Whether or not he wants to commit to you depends on how he
feels with you. What you bring out in him.

Some women bring out the neanderthal in us, light up our
primitive hind brain with their sexiness, and we just want to take
them back to our cave for the weekend. She brings out the cave man
in us.

Other women bring out the competitive side to us, she
challenges us to find out whether or not we are good enough for
her long list of criteria before she gives us a chance. She brings
out the competitive side in us.

Some women bring out the warrior-poet in us, we want to
honour her, protect her, love her and introduce her to our
mother. She brings out the very best of us.

The difference between the three is not the man; it is the lady.

It is you.

You are the difference between whether a man commits or not,
not whether or not he is ready for commitment.

Mr Ready is a lie.

Because even if a man is not in the right space for a relationship,
if he comes across someone wonderful, he will weigh up the odds
that he will find this type of woman again. If the chances are low,
he will reevaluate his situation and may commit.

Yes, if he will not meet anyone like you again, he may commit.

The flaky, hot, nubile modelesque lady in her early twenties with
thousands of followers on Instagram is someone who will come
around again.

The successful and ambitious woman in her mid-thirties who is
looking for her uber alpha male and demands to know how
whether we reach her standards will come around again.

The woman who fires our desires, understands us, nurtures our
talents, gets the best out of us so we can go into the World and
accomplish what we set out to do is a unicorn.

Quality men think differently to be successful.

Because most strong men (mentally, emotionally and physically)
will rank their mission in life above any relationship they might

So if we find someone who aligns with our mission, understands
our mission, understands our drives, our desire to achieve and
helps us, we commit.

Too many of my clients believe that they have to become either
the Instagram model or the ultra-successful businesswoman to be
with a quality man.

They wonder why men can not see past the superficial and see
her for who she really is.

You might get frustrated that men seem to have all the control
and you are the mercy of their whims.

You have other friends, who are less successful, less attractive
and not as smart as you who can find someone and plaster their
wedding and baby photos over Facebook.

Why not you?

Let me help.

You do not need to be any of those things to have what your
friends have.

I have created four essential pieces for you to help navigate the
labyrinth of finding a man you like and I would like you to read

They are for you.

The emphasis is on online dating because if your life is already
full, it is one of the best ways to meet someone.

If you do not like the idea of meeting someone online, read them
anyway. The chances are you have not been doing online dating
the right way.

It may change your mind or at the least be very interesting.

Do not settle for someone who wants to settle for you.

These four articles will get you closer to a relationship with a

good man.


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